Bicarbonate soda

Bicarbonate soda – cleans your body from invasive diseases

Considering traditional cancer treatment, so many people are turning to alternative ways and alternative medicine and one of them bicarbonate soda treatment. However, you should realize that cancer is serious diseases and any therapy shouldn’t be conducted without consulting with your doctor. But how bicarbonate soda works? Based on some doctors’ opinion, it cleans your body fromcandida, which is number one bacteria that causes cancer.

A method of treatment

If the person suffers from stomach, interstices and mouth cancer, he should take one tablespoon of bicarbonate soda in the morning and one in the evening, with one glass of water. This therapy should be conducted for one month after that cancer should disappear. In the majority of cases, every cancer treatment requires doctor’s intervention.

For more demanding cases, patients should receive 500ml of 5% mixture of bicarbonate soda, directly in the vein. This therapy should last for six days and then you should have a six-day break. The patient should receive 24 infusions

Bicarbonate soda and maple syrup

Canadian doctor of conventional medicine developed his cancer treatment for people who were in terminal phases of this disease, and they were released home to die. To mix bicarbonate soda with any syrup might seem absurd, knowing that cancer cells feed with sugar. But, in this case, sugar has a different effect. In this case, cancer cells cannot use sugar for growth because bicarbonate soda kills them immediately. Maple syrup increases the level of sugar in the blood and delivers bicarbonate soda directly to the cells.


Testimonies of people who got cured say that this treatment is simple, efficient and can be combined with other alternative methods and treatments. Once again, this doctor states, that this therapy should be conducted with medical supervision. This mixture is prepared very easily. The patient should mix 1/3 of bicarbonate soda and 3/3 of maple syrup, put it in a pot and steer it on low temperature until it melts. Recommended dose is three tablespoons per day during one or two months. During this therapy, the patient isn’t allowed to eat meat, sugar and white flour.

How bicarbonate soda works?

Bicarbonate soda is efficient and the cheapest ways to treat cancer. It drastically increases the stability of your body and delivers more oxygen to the cells, actually more than they can take it. The fact is, cancer cells can’t survive when there is a high level of oxygen in the blood. Some researchers have confirmed that bicarbonate soda restores the pH balance of the body and has a positive effect on cancer cells, by killing them.

Patients can take bicarbonate soda by drinking it or receiving it directly to the vein so it can have a more invasive effect. This treatment has a lot of success with different types of cancer, but when we are talking about brain or bone cancer, this treatment doesn’t have a lot of success. But patients still hope that sometime in the future, scientists will discover the medicine.