Exercise before bed

You will relax your whole body after this

Many experts say that exercise before bed is not a good solution because it increases the level of adrenaline in your body and you can have a restless night. Most recent research indicates that not only you shouldn’t avoid workout before bed, but some of the exercises are very beneficial and can help you fall asleep easily.

Whenever we are talking about insomnia and what are the easiest way to fall asleep, experts say that people shouldn’t conduct any physical activity at least one hour before bed. The explanation is simple, exercises increase the blood flow and put our body in some state of the stress. We will have a hard time falling asleep, and our mind will work all the time.

However, the team of doctors in America discovered that 15 hours of exercises per week don’t have any troubles with insomnia.

Exercise decreases the stress


The stress has been the silent killer for more than 50 years; it has the biggest effect on young people and the sleeping. If we are occupied all the time with our thought and our worries, we will have troubles with sleep. We won’t be able to relax our body, and it will always be tense. Exercise is a good distraction, and if we choose one of the team sports, it will be more dynamic and fun. We won’t think about exercise as an obligation but as relaxation. Exercise will increase the level of serotonin, a hormone of happiness, which will release our stress and helps us with the sleeping.

Exercise increases the body temperature

Increased blood flow is followed with increased temperature. And if we have a slightly increased temperature, the sleep will come easily, like some form of dizziness. You shouldn’t be worried about the temperature because it will fell off after few hours, leaving you in a deep and restful sleep.

Exercise lowers down the sleepiness


Another paradox which has come to be true, if we are sleepy during the day, we will have a hard time falling asleep when the time comes. The only logical explanation for this situation is that we are fooling our body that we had a sleep and when the time comes for night rest, our body doesn’t even try to rest. On the other hand, if we have exercise during the day and in the evening, we will break the sleepiness, and when we go to bed, we will have a tough sleep.

What exercises you should do?

There is no rule for that; you just do what you love and what relaxes you. For instance, if you like walking, you just have to accustom your body to take a walk before bed. It is good to have a good bike ride or to run; all those activities will enable you to shape your body and to enjoy the fresh air. However, if you love exercises in the gym or at home, you shouldn’t neglect that, do whatever you like.