Exercise without going to the gym

Due to a lack of time, many people don’t exercise at all, or they try the gym for one month and then give up. Memberships can be expensive and loud and noisy gyms can break your concentration. Just imagine when you have to share that small place with a lot of sweaty people, not too appealing? Here are few tips for you to achieve physical fitness without paying a membership fee.


Get out of the house

If you have an office job, then a lot of sitting can’t be good for your back. We know that you are tired when you go back from work, and you just want to lay around and watch some television. But, sometimes physical fitness comes in easiest shapes, you just need to open the door of your house. A simple walk around your block or park can have various beneficial effects. If your work is near your home, don’t use car or bus, just take a walk. If it’s a bit further, you can always use a bike. In this way, you will stretch your muscles and prepare them for a long day in a chair.

It is important to have a routine


To have good results, your exercise must become a daily habit. You don’t have to stick only to one exercise or method, you can always combine them so that you won’t get bored. For example, if you like running and riding a bike, start your schedule and gradually increase the distance. In this way, you will challenge your body, will, and persistence and on the longer run, it will give you great results. You will be in great shape, and you will be able to control your progress.

Discover your surroundings

This is a great opportunity to get familiar with outdoor activities near your place. You can always take a hike with friends and spend a day in nature. You will clear up your lungs and burn some calories. If it’s a summer, you can spend a day on nearest lake or river and enjoy the sun and swimming. Once you flee the city, you will probably be overwhelmed with nature, but soon you will start enjoying it and never want to leave it again.

Start watching YouTube tutorials

There are plenty exercise contents on YouTube; you just need to search it. Many professionals publish their work on this platform, and you can choose between the variety of workouts designed for every part of your body. You have the opportunity to start yoga, Pilates, aerobics some dances and many others. Choose something that seems fun, and that will keep your attention.

Invest in good work out equipment


You don’t have to have a small gym at the back of your home, but some mats, jump ropes, dumbbells, stability balls will not cost you too much money, they will last, and you will have valuable exercise equipment. And this will help you when you start watching YouTube tutorials. You can always purchase some cheaper treadmill because the running is the exercise for the whole body.